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Software Development


Software Development companies serve customers that are constantly growing more sophisticated and demanding. RealtaSoft Limited outsourced product development services provide independent software product vendors with end-to-end solutions that bring innovation to the market. RealtaSoft Limited can help deliver the new features, scalability, flexibility and robustness that today's customer expects, as well as optimize total cost of ownership and risk level.


Our broad technology expertise, coupled with well-established development and delivery processes, ensures that the quality of the software products we deliver is second to none. The reusable frameworks we employ ensure projects run smoothly. Our in-house R&D department has worked on individual engagements of over 7 years.

Our offering

Our full-scale software engineering services help product companies with their R&D at every stage of the product lifecycle including:

- Help with product concept, business cases and product release planning
- Help with business requirements analysis (MRD & BRD)>
- Business and technical specification (vision and scope)
- Product release development
- Entire testing spectrum (functional, module, integration, regression, load, performance, etc.)
- Localisation (legal requirements, etc.)
- Documentation and user training
- All lines of support