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Cloud Computing


Clouds is a remote (via computer network) service providing access to computation virtualized resources like hardware, software, data. The key benefits to customers: no need to order hardware, power and cool it, install software, acquire licenses, upgrade, administrate. It brings more flexibility to buy powerful necessary computing services on demand only - just pay what you need right now

Cloud Computing

Besides the regular SaaS, PaaS and IaaS services and solutions Realtek Soft Limited has experience with mobile cloud apps. The working together of mobility of mobile devices and high productivity of the remote computing resources makes a powerful combination for any business.

Cloud computing services of Realtek Soft Limited:

- Development of custom enterprise systems based on MS Azure cloud
- Porting standard web solutions (Java, ASP.NET, PHP, Ruby) to Clouds infrastructure/platforms Amazon, MS Azure
- Integration of GoogleApps into existing enterprise solutions
- Mobile Cloud development as a combination of mobile apps & cloud.
- Social cloud solutions development - social networks deployed in cloud
- Developing custom CRM/HelpDesk solutions based on SalesForce/ cloud